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Sunday, June 24, 2007


Came across this in Essence Magazine in the May Issue. I thought this was very useful information. I believe on the beach and by a pool is a where a lot of fashion tickets get passed out at. A lot of ladies are in denial and don't want to admit that they cant fit this bathing suit anymore.
There is hope. We need to know our bodies to make a real good conscience choice about a swimming suit.

So if you have THICK WAIST, look for styles to specifically designed to slim your middle. To accomplish this the one piece suit is the way to go.
Interested in this swimsuit in the picture, then go to

Ladies if you happen to have a hour glass shape, you need to look for swimsuits with lycra (elastic fiber). Also make sure you get thick straps, tops with halter ties or racebacks that give the bust a lot of support. This swimming suit came from Torrid (

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