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Tuesday, June 26, 2007



ESSENCE.COM: I love your confidence, but there are critics who believe that you’re only vocal about your body because you’re trying to mask your own insecurity as confidence.

MO'NIQUE: Here’s what cracks me up. If Tyra Banks, who I dig and I think is incredible, spoke of her beauty nobody would question it, but when I speak of my beauty it’s up for debate because America has said looking a certain way is a bad thing. Listen here, I dig Mo’Nique. I dig Mo’Nique’s double belly, her thighs that rub together, her arms that slap in the wind and her double chin. Now, don’t get me wrong Mo’Nique wants to be healthy, and Mo’Nique makes sure she works out and goes for her walks with her trainer, so I can walk up a flight of steps without being out of breath and not suffer from high blood pressure. The reason I am so vocal is because I’m in the public, but I ain’t trying to hide nothing like, “Let me say I love my body, even though, I’m going through a deep depression about my weight.” That’s absolutely insane.


ESSENCE.COM: Larissa “Bootz” Aurora said in an interview that you greeted the women by saying, “You’re a disgrace to Black women,” which set the negative tone between you and her, but that it was edited from that episode. Do you think that was a bit harsh?

MO'NIQUE: If Larissa can find the tape of me saying that I will resign from that show. She claims it was edited out because she didn’t even see it.

ESSENCE.COM: She also said that the contest rules were changed at the last-minute.

MO'NIQUE:Unfortunately, life has beaten up Larissa so badly at such a young age that her spirit is going through turmoil. There were no changing of rules or tricks so, no baby, that little
sister has to accept responsibility for her actions.

ESSENCE.COM: If you had the opportunity would you reconcile with Larissa?

MO'NIQUE: It puzzles me about Larissa because after we finished taping the show I sent that sister some flowers saying, “I’m still your cheerleader and I want you to get the best that life has to offer you.” But like I said life has beaten her up so bad already that she can’t see when people are in her corner.

ESSENCE.COM: Do you think she accepted the truce?

MO'NIQUE: Judging by the interview she gave, she’s still not taking responsibility for her actions. It’s always everyone else’s fault. But she’ll learn that life will bend you over and not use any Vaseline and no one will listen when you yell, “Ouch!”
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  • Anonymous
    July 12, 2007 at 9:14 PM  

    mo'nique keep up the good work we love you and i really love charm school girls it should be a part really hurted me to see larissa have so much hate in heart you did what you could do she need god.

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