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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


On being a newcomer:

“It is risky, because people expect you to just do one thing” “I’m going to take the chance and show what else is a part of me.”

On being actress and singer at the same time:

“I remember doing ‘Dreamgirls,”‘ “I would look at Beyonce, because she was doing acting and singing, and I’m like, ‘How the hell can she do that?’ Now I’m looking at it like, ‘Oh, God, all right, if she can do it, if Jamie and Queen can do it, then it means it can be done.”‘

On not being able to be versatile on “American Idol.”:

With ‘Idol,’ you only get a minute or so to sing a song,” “You can’t show all your talent in that moment. With each experience you try to show more and more and more.”

What next?

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