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Thursday, October 23, 2008


There isn't much Whoopi Goldberg hasn't done in life. She's become a successful actress and banked an Oscar. She's been a popular comedian for decades and now moderates ABC's daytime chatfest "The View."Goldberg has now taken on the world of children's books and has written "Sugar Plum Ballerinas," a tale about a girl picked to be in a school recital. Go and read the first chapter of the book here.

The pictures of her below are at Barnes and Noble this morning signing her book for fans.

I respect Whoopi Goldberg. Her and Sherri Shephard are definitely representing the ThickMisses on their show "The View". Especially against that ole thing Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I can't stand her. Sometimes I want to come through the television and b#$%% slap her across her face. Make sure to go out and support Whoopi Goldberg. If you want to buy the book, go here to Amazon.

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