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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Jennifer Hudson is pictured above at a concert in Dallas a couple of weeks ago.

According to several online reports, Jennifer Hudson is several months' pregnant and held a baby shower in Chicago over the weekend. Rumors of the Oscar-and-Grammy-winning singer/actress's pregnancy have been circulating for months but have been denied by her reps. The shower was reportedly held on Saturday at a relative's home.

"It was a baby shower, a quiet gathering of friends and mostly family," singer/ actress Felicia Fields, a longtime Hudson friend, reportedly told to the Chicago Tribune. "They're really trying to keep it kind of quiet."

Hudson is engaged to former reality-TV star David Otunga, who is pursuing a pro-wrestling career. (I'm not even going to touch that. TOOO EASSY) The pair have not publicized their wedding date.


pic source: Pop Junkie

I guess I don't get why hide it. But you know she grew up in a community of Holy Rolling relatives and probably look down on the fact that David and her are living together and not married. Now she is pregnant and not married. So maybe that is why??

I'm still not understanding why she is wanting to get married and all this so fast. Didn't her career just get off the ground?? Before you all get on me, she basically just had her career handed to her on a silver platter after Dream Girls. I know she is still dealing with her families untimely deaths, but they would want to see her dreams come true. I'm not saying David is not a nice dude. But some time because a man comes in your life at what you think is a good might not be the "best" time.

I wish her the best.

What next?

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  • Anonymous
    May 31, 2009 at 10:00 PM  

    I love Jennifer for many reasons.. But the main reason I love her.. Is that she's gonna do her no matter what.. And the keeping it a secret thing?? Uh she's not the first and she won't be the last.. Also Bringing a baby into this world,is a beautiful thing.

    Just because you get married, doesn't mean it will last , and it also doesn't mean you will be good parents..

    People need to realize that stars are humans too...

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