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Friday, May 22, 2009


Mandisa was spotted at the American Idol Finale in support of the last two contestants. As you can see our Miss Mandisa has shed some weight. Since her stint on Season 5 of American Idol, Mandisa has lost 75 pounds. She began her journey in August of last year. Her goal is to lose over 100 pounds.
I don't just have a weight problem, "I have a food addiction. So the emotional and spiritual elements have been the most difficult part of this journey by far."
Mandisa is quick to add that she isn't losing weight to look like a model or to conform to societal definitions of beauty. And while she appreciates the compliments she's receiving about her weight loss and her slimmer self, she's already on guard against pride. She thinks God was intentional in leading her to focus her first album on true beauty. "I feel like God's saying, I taught you those lessons about your beauty not coming from the outside so that now when people are saying you're physically beautiful you still won't let that define you."

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